These lovely old nickel plate Darlot's are not common but you see them from time to time. But I've never seen one like this one!

This has a modifying lens at the rear that changes it from 240mm to 330mm. Uber RARE. Only one I've ever seen, and I've seen a LOT of stuff

Without the modifier it is a gorgeous sharp center with quick fall-off to lovely bokeh 240mm. Covers 5X7 or perhaps even 6.5X8.5 closer in. 8X10 a few feet away from the subject.

With the modifier installed at the rear it becomes a 13" lens and covers 8X10 fairly well for portraits. It also takes on a slightly soft-focus personality.

Someone will ask, and no, I don't have any images made with it to show you. This is the ONLY one! Get it quick! $765.00 + shipping