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I think Pentaxuser got it. I used to build a lot of electronics, and could always read the little print on the sides of the tiny parts. Now I can't focus that close with my eyes.

The magnasight works by projecting an image onto ground glass, and then there is a lens that magnifies your view of the glass. I don't think there is any adjustment possible. But when I look through a magnifying glass, there is some interaction with the focus of my eyes ( by moving the lens closer or further from my eye, I can achieve focus or not. ) So there is dependency here on my eyesight being able to focus at whatever the effective focal distance is. Too close is going to be a problem!

I'm due for new glasses soon anyway and might talk to the optometrist about this. I know last time, we figured out that it would be different glasses for reading or for using the computer. Right now I don't have glasses for close yet... seems like that's about to change!

Once we get this sorted, we can work on reversing all the other things. ( Actually... I think making photographs and having fun with it probably helps in that area too! )
The Bestwell Magnasight is a fantastic grain focuser. It does have adjustment. There is a "needle" visible in the eye piece, and the eyepiece rotates. When the needle is in focus, the eyepiece is set for your vision. Keep it there and use as normal to focus the image on your easel.

I really can't say enough about the folks at Bestwell. Great products but generally overshadowed by the Peak / Omega devices.