Thanks for the loyalty Tom1956 and MattKing,

s-a, I got the Panatomic-X before I got the job, but if offered a tour of the vault I would definitely ask if there was any Panatomic-X stashed away anywhere and if anybody needed it...

There's a Kodak PlaySport camera going up in the rocket.

I want to keep it simple, so I'm not fidgeting with gear. I'm considering bringing the ESII and Spotmatic F with the lenses I have: 24, 50 and 135. Funny. As I look in the well of the ESII I'm thinking to myself "dang MS-76's are so expensive." Maybe I'll just shoot 1/1000 to 1/60 mechanical, and if I need slower get out the Spotmatic. Of all the cameras I've used, the ESII was always good with batteries. But I don't need (or like) automatic anymore. Spotmatic, on the other hand, doesn't do well above 1/125. ESII is fine at top speeds and I may need them. Better bring both bodies in case one acts up (ESII occasionally has a mirror lockup feature that wasn't designed by the manufacturer - every other shot the camera acts like an Exacta).

But the best reason to bring these cameras is that I can shoot candidly and quickly (versus 120/4x5). This trip is likely to have lots of movement and people doing tasks and chores. After listening to the radio last night, I want to create a mosaic.