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Thanks for the loyalty Tom1956 and MattKing,
are so expensive." Maybe I'll just shoot 1/1000 to 1/60 mechanical, and if I need slower get out the Spotmatic. Of all the cameras I've used, the ESII was always good with batteries. But I don't need (or like) automatic anymore. Spotmatic, on the other hand, doesn't do well above 1/125. ESII is fine at top speeds and I may need them. Better bring both bodies in case one acts up (ESII occasionally has a mirror lockup feature that wasn't designed by the manufacturer - every other shot the camera acts like an Exacta).
I've shot ES (not ESII) for 40 years. And I've worked on them. Something about the design of the mirror up latch is so finicky. Very temperature-sensitive. Otherwise it's a great camera. Does a fine job.