All of my color is transparency. For sharing I scan, same as for b&w prints, because the transparency itself is already the final output, just like a print.

In years past all of my transparency was Kodachrome. Now it's Fujifilm, of course. Provia 100 & 400 in 35mm and 6x6/6x7 (in that GF670 folder). I have a project in mind for 4x5 color, but it hasn't progressed yet to the point of making exposures.

I would love to have Astia back. Then again, I'd love even more to have Kodachrome back. Then again, I'd really, really love to have my youth back. Or at least some parts of it. But none of these things are going to come back. So Provia it is. Until at some point it too isn't.

I'm glad that b&w is my main interest.