I just shot a roll of Ilford Pan F Plus 50 with my Yashica T5 (same as the T4 Super). While I have a mix of shots, the lion's share -- and the ones I'm most concerned about -- is of indoor portraits taken using the on-camera flash. Maybe not the best choice of film for that -- but it's what I had with me.

Anyway, this is my first experience with this film; I typically shoot Tri-X or Neopan and develop in D76 1:1. I've read that many people shoot Pan F at 25; I've also read that the T5 flash tends to (sometimes) overexpose -- though I've only seen that statement made anecdotally. So I'm not sure what to expect. Research indicates that D76 is a bit further down the list of preferred developers for Pan F. I'm willing to sacrifice some of the fine grain goodness for well-exposed shots if it comes to that. Thoughts?