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Old tank EOS 650 with EF 50mm f/1.4. That camera is far better to hold than any new ones.
Ditto. Mine was a 630. Turned my nose up at it for a long time, was simply not interested in the early EOS gear. One finally landed in my lap, I forget why (might have been that the shutter didn't depend on the battery to stay open for very long exposures, something I've never actually used it for). Felt sooooo good in the hand I ended up with three 630s and five RTs. I've since come to my senses and during a thinning of the herd disposed of all but three EOS RTs. What a great camera.

Also the Elan IIe. Years ago I bought the original Elan when it was first introduced. Glanced at a photo magazine one day and saw the IIe with its chrome top plate and chrome face and thought "Yuck!" I picked one up last year, in my quest for something smaller and lighter than the EOS 1V, and was so impressed at its features and autofocus response that I bought three (two are actually EOS 55, all black for the Asian market). All were in EX+ condition, none cost me more than $26. At that price, why not have a few spares?

I'm going to include the Nikon N80 here. Not that I had dismissed it earlier then had my eyes opened; not being a Nikon user I wasn't even aware of the N80 until I found one for $25, brought it home and fell in love. This is a seriously nice little camera. So nice that, several months later, I declined an opportunity to buy an F100 because it was too similar to the N80 and several times more expensive.