I started photography in the late 50s with Kodachrome 35mm exclusively. Then came Kodachrome II, a gorgeous best ever color film. Then started to dabble in b/w 35mm, but soon decided to move to MF, shooting Ektachome E3 and rarely color neg. Then came the Sinars (4x5, 5x7, 8x10) in the late 60s and continued with Ektachromes and Tri-X. Now only the Sinars remain and itís b/w only, because I came to the conclusion that color trannies were just too confining for my preferences, i.e., not much room for deviation in the processes. Granted some subject matter demands color, but I get much more pleasure from manipulation in b/w which emphasizes shapes/forms better than color IMO. Then comes digital for which I have absolutely no interest and leave for those who do.