I think I kind of know the answer to this question ("don't worry about it"), but the lighting wasn't very good so I thought I'd ask.

We rented a cabin Hocking Hills, Ohio, and on an hike my best friend accidentally exposed Ultramax 400 with the camera set to 800. I know one stop isn't a big deal, but we were in a forest with a nice canopy, on a mostly cloudy day, so the lighting was very flat. The pictures were of a dry waterfall with small relief caves in the rock face.
Here is a link to a photo of the "subject" from the cabin-owners flickr stream, in case it helps:
Unlike the above photo, there is more cover since it is June and thus the deciduous trees have leaves (plus it's an old photo, so more has grown).

I'm not quite ready to do C-41 myself and she wants the photos soon (I'm stockpiling my film for when I do C-41). We'll use a local printer that will push and pull in one-stop increments. We don't do walmart, and the printer's prices aren't that far from Walgreen's and CVS - with far better quality.
The photos aren't that important (if they were, we'd have used different film), but my friend would like viewable prints.

So, considering the lighting, "one stop push" or "don't worry about it?"