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Waaayyyyy too slow. My frustration with using the Paterson tanks at the "kitchen table" (ie daylight) is you have to pour chemicals in and out of the tank. So when you are timing your development when is the "start" of the development? When you start pouring in the developer or when the last drop of the developer goes into the tank. This process can take several seconds. Dumping out is a bit faster because you don't have to use care. Then the next thing is adding the stop. You really want all developing to stop at the same time on the negative. This simply is not possible because again it takes a few seconds to pour in the stop.

Developing in the darkroom with steel reels and multiple tanks seems ideal. You just quickly drop the film in the tank and developing begins everywhere almost simultaneously. That system seems nice once you have done the stop. I personally wash my film using the fill, soak, dump and refill routine instead of continuous water flow. It would be nice if there was a system that dumped the water and refilled it at different progressively longer intervals. I never have problems with pink/purple negatives even with tabular films like some people. If you soak them long enough in multiple water baths the dyes eventually rinse out... a tedious process though.
Way too slow maybe, but this can be dealt with and tuned. Once the process is sorted, it should be a very consistent approach.