Ok so I am preparing for a show in Riverside CA this September, As well I am visiting Paris and London in September and want to bring a portfolio to show a few gallerys there.

My quest for quad tone is lets say it in Baseball Terms.. **I am in a slump coach**

so here is a few observations and I will show you where I want to get with the Jpegs attached.

Solarization Sabattier is basically a process that once you do it enough times you conclude that at the two ends there are not great highlights and great blacks.

I like this btw but since everything try's to go to the middle you end up with a masive amount of middle grey.

I am hoping to see warmth of sepia in the highlights, peach in the upper midtones, and the lower end exhibit blue green.

The first rule of photographic colour theory is that blue is complementary to Yellow , so immediately I am at odds.
So I am going to bleach the print and re fix to create an highlight region that is separate from the rest of the tones.
Here I am going to apply a second round of bleach sepia and put yellow only in the highlight region.

Then I am going to put the print in gold toner which I know creates a lovely peach colour in the upper midtones.

Now to the crunch.. if I selenium I get nice colour, but selenium really is a warm tone and not cool , but I want it because of my goals of permanence, Afterwords I would like to introduce blue into the low tones which gives a lovely separation from the warm highlights..

I have attained this a few times , and when it works its spectacular IMHO, I am using a Matt Ilford Paper which accepts the tone nicely.

So to get out of the slump, any one here see how I can split easily with toners, I am taking my Tim R and Eddie Ephrams books home to read again but any suggestions would be nice.
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