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The problem is you have many people who go to museums and look at gigantic murals painted in the Renaissance. They are used to seeing more and more detail as they approach a 10 foot by 30 foot painting. They are simply not cultured enough to realize you can't do that with handheld 35mm shots blown up to 40"X60".
Not all "great" paintings have great detail, me thinks you are seriously over generalizing.

Also when did it become the audience's job to become cultured enough to look at a photo?

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It isn't meaningful to discuss viewing distance without more context. If it's for display on a billboard or the side of a building 50' up, that's one thing. If it's for a gallery display can be reasonably expected to get as close as possible and expect to see more detail.
Why should they expect more detail?

To be honest on most of my photos in on way or another I try to limit detail, for example by say using B&W materials among other tools..