Since some time I am thinking to get a Rolleiflex FX. I used to have a Rolleiflex T (which was great), but sold it later on. About a year ago I got myself a Minolta Autocord, but I have never really got to 'love' the camera which I am selling right now. I know I could get a T again, but the FX offers built-in metering which I would use more often than not. At the same time the rendering and contrast of the lens is very nice IMO and having a camera that is nearly new is attractive too.

At the same time I keep hearing that the GX and FX models are not as smooth and 'refined' as the 'classical' Rolleiflex models and are in fact simpler (no auto-film start) and probably based on either Rolleicord or Rolleiflex T models. One also hears about the shutter release being less smooth and giving more resistance - in particular with the GX model. But what about the FX?

What I would really appreciate is the experience from FX users and also any relevant information about this model.

P.S. As much as I would love to get a brand new FX-N (0.55m close focusing) - at 5000 it is just out of my range by a wide margin