Alistair MacLean was always a favorite author of mine. Even as a teen-aged reader, I considered him a wizard at adventure and intrigue. Here are 10 novels I think might be fun to read over the summer, on vacation, while traveling, etc. As I recall, all these were best sellers. Were cameras involved? Yes, in a couple of them I seem to recall cameras/photography played into the plots. But mainly action, suspense, thrills, twists and turns, etc. They're all paperbacks, and all still in decent to good shape.

The list:

The Secret Ways
Where Eagles Dare
The Black Shrike
River of Death
Night Without End
Ice Station Zebra

And I will include 3 more to make the box full:
Perry Mason in The Case of the Beautiful Beggar (Erle Stanley Gardner)
Agatha Christie...A Caribbean Mystery
Ken Follett...A Place Called Freedom (Note: not as suitable for teenaged readers as the others listed above)

The price...$10 total for the entire box...and this includes the cost of shipping in the Continental USA only via Media Mail. That's as close to an average of 75 cents a book as I can get.

Sorry, but due to the weight and cost of international postage, this only makes sense as a Continental USA sale. Check, cash or money order, please and I'll need your mailing address. Please let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions. An email to will probably be the best way to catch me.