I'd love to have a new Rollei FX or even the GX, but they will never be in my price range. The truth is I could buy one, but I refuse to spend money on something that is way, way over valued. I will never say they are not well built or optically first rate, but I will say they are overpriced. I'll stick with my two E series Rollei's that I got for a song years back. The new Rollei's are nice, but they aren't that much nicer than a good used Rollei. I'd be patient and watch for a good used "T", "E" or "F" and take the money I saved to get a CLA plus all the film I could buy. Oh, and I've used both Planar and Xenotar lenses over the years and I like the Xenotar the best so you might save a buck going that way also......Just my opinion of course and your opinion is the one that controls the thickness of your wallet. JohnW