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I have a question for the b & w crowd. If you shoot b & w, and print your own images, but do NOT print any color, do you still shoot color film? If yes, what kind (negative or transparency)?

I am just curious how prevalent color film use is for people who are really into developing and printing b & w film.

I shoot some color. The problem with color is expense. Since I don't print my own color I have to get it scanned. Scanning is a bit of a pain. I would do it more but when you have to monkey around with the colors it becomes a real pain. I like to scan or get proof prints just for proofing. Even though I develop and print my own B&W I still scan all of it. It is easier and cheaper to proof. My scans may not be perfect but they are good enough for my purposes. The problem comes in with color. If the color balance/hue are slightly off it can be very distracting. Besides I've gotten good scans from NCPS. The problem though is they charge substantially more if you send them rolls that have already been developed. So that forces you to send your rolls to them to be developed. I don't get it. If their scanning was cheaper I would do a lot more business with them.

Anyway I shoot Ektar and Portra 160 and 400. I also shoot Provia and Velvia. That's pretty much covers the ever shrinking world of color. Well I suppose there is the Fuji C-41 stuff. Kodak hasn't given me a reason to use the Fuji stuff so I don't.

My unimportant rolls get developed at Walmart. They still return negatives for all medium format film. Walmart send out services gives you some crappy proof prints if you order them. Then you only have to scan the ones you really like.