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That might be me. I've been reading without my glasses for quite a while now, and using a pair of glasses just for PC (too much time spent in a photo forum). But my ophthalmologist now says I'm starting to develop a cataract and should consider laser surgery. My wife will have that done to both eyes in the next month or so. Old age is hell!
My distance prescription has decreased slightly. When I asked about it the optometrist said it was normal and "usually due to cataracts." When I had a panicked reaction (I'd just turned 49 at the time last year) she calmed me down, took a look with the slit, and said I was "age normal" and she doesn't call it cataracts until it interferes with my vision that she can't correct or interferes with my life and I have years left before that, but some yellowing and change in prescription is apparently normal "starting in the late 40s or early 50s." Ugh.

OTOH, my aviation medical examiner two weeks later pointed out, "when you do need surgery in 15 or 20 years, while it's not exactly something to look forward to, with today's implants you'll see better than you ever have and just go 'wow!'" Apparently they have the ones that adjust focus with distance like your original issuance working pretty well now. Still, I'm happy to give them longer to perfect 'em.