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As you seem to be the face of Kodak on APUG, I just wondered if the PR department of Kodak have any say/influence in your response. Or are all your posts a response from you as an individual? If so, do you think they would want to be involved? I donít ask this with any negative meaning, as I think almost everything you post is based on sound reasoning.

I represent Kodak in no way. I am long retired, but worked there for 32 years doing R&D. I lived through and saw many of the things we discuss here. I have handled the first digital camera. It was about the size of a cigarette pack and used an 8mm or 16mm lens and a DIP made in-house for imaging. It had a thick cable that connected it to a computer. And it went on to be top notch sensors (sold off the division), top of the line SLRs (line dropped), high capacity flopticals (big failure in the market), and etc. I have given my views in interviews that many have heard here.

My comments are not perfect, but merely reflect my observations made from my POV. There are many many other PsOV. Just as an example, Kodak felt that general digital imaging would not become important until 2020. They based many decisions on that belief. I disagreed with this and said so publicly to my supervision, and pointed to the market as proof. They took their own POV to heart and based strategy on that. I did not change things.

Oh well, as I said, my own POV. No relation to EK.