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So are you suggesting that this yellow cast is from old film?
BMbikerider has lengthened his first developer to reduce the grain, but how can i tell my film lab to do this? Would this be equal to push/pull processing by 1/2 a stop? Im not sure.
Im keen to get some fresh Rollei Digibase and shoot it myself.
Did i also read somewhere here that you can shoot it at a lower film speed (100 ISO) and get finer grain?
It looks a good film indeed, and Wittner-Cinetec are now selling it in super8 format! So i cant wait to shoot it.
Is it possible for me to get some 35mm film packaged from them? Id love to shoot some in my Olympus XA3.
It indeed looks the best alternative to kodachrome or E100G
Hi Nzoomed, There are a lot of theories why Rollei/Maco CR-200 has this "Yellow-Green" color cast to it, personally I think the film was defective or damaged somewhere along the line before the end users purchased their film and had their film developed, some folks did in fact obtain CR-200 that peformed like a normal color slide film should.

Wittner-Cinetech customer service seemed a bit surprised when I contacted them about their Aviphot Chrome 200 35mm X 100' rolls regarding the color balance, they did in fact reassure me that the film they package does not have a
"yellow" problem.

I certainly appreciate the contributions from everyone on this thread, including "Remedys" for removing the "Yellow", in the long run obtaining Agfa produced film from more responsible and honest film dealers is the better way to go, Rollei/Maco and Freestyle the main distributers of this "Yellow" film are reluctant to answer questions other than a money back guarantee, They know why their film they sell does this "Yellow" problem. It is nice to know all the other Agfa products they cut down and package are well received and enjoyed.

Currently Freestyle is out of all CR-200 film including the equivalent LomoGraphy Cross Pro film, perhaps they will test their next order from Rollei/Maco for that Yellow problem? I am sure these forum posts have caused Rollei/Maco some embarrasment and concern.