Being on a very tight budget for the pinhole photography section in a children's summer art camp, I naturally sought out any ways to save money on the little things needed in a darkroom for the processes. Lets face it, analogue is not the cheapest hobby.

And where do people turn for cheap(and directly from China) items? You guessed it, the dollar store.. in my case the Dollar Tree.

I was unsure about the amount of usable items I can find there at first, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.
Here's what I got:

(1) 3 Set of Plastic Funnels
(1) 2 cup Measuring Cup (surprisingly accurate)
(3) Plastic trays/tubs marketed as a "dish pan" but could definetely double as a devel. tray (Dimensions: top layer= 14.5"x11.5" bottom= 12"x9")Sure beats paying $18+ dollars for a couple pieces of plastic, even if they are sturdier, lay lower, are have a few special features. Especially for temporary uses.
(5) Electronic Timers in the kitchen dept.... these especially impressed me. Available in 3 colors for keeping them seperate(in case the accuracy of the timers is different, but consistency would be key in all timing) Could be used for the developing process and for keeping exposure times in and out of the darkroom, and have a handy "memory" feature which allows the previous time which went off to be restored to the screen upon completion so you never have to worry about what the time was(& you can easily add a few seconds) Plus, who wants to fork out $40 for a timer?

I got it all for $10.00 plus tax.

I'm sure many other useful items could be find at the dollar store as well. BTW, I'm not in any way affiliated with the Dollar Tree in case your wondering.. just found some good buys.

What about you guys? What types of good buys or items that could double as photo supplies have you found? I separate thread might be nice if sharing ideas and deals becomes popular.

Happy Shopping and Shooting(Photos, that is. :laugh:)