clothesontheline, coincidentally I picked up the same funnels and measuring cup at our Dollar Tree. I intend to get glass bottles and "nicer" stuff at some point, but went for the Dollar Tree items to hold me over.

I also picked up a few 1.5 litre plastic bottles to hold Diafine; color-coded and matching the color of the funnels.. Of course I washed them first, and became impatient, taking an hair dryer to them. One bottle started to collapse from the heat, but it still seals with the cap.

When a local camera shop closed I did get some good deals; a couple Vivitar 356 enlargers @ $15 each, a practically new Gralab timer @ $35, chemicals, some Kodak mercury thermometers very cheap (one still in it's sealed package), etc. I forgot how fast mercury thermometers respond.
Milk jugs make good temporary containers, as do pop bottles.