I printed color years ago but haven't in a long time. Probably 3/4s or more of my work is black and white, maybe closer to 85%. Of the color, I mainly shoot transparency in 35mm, for projection and "while I still can" and color neg in 120, for prints. I send it to Dwayne's, for now anyway.

Oddly enough, one reason I sometimes shoot color is a scarcity of time. I just don't have time to develop and print nearly all of my black and white. I have film I shot months ago that still needs to be developed, and negatives I shot a year or more ago I've yet to print. Just...not...enough...time. Having no running water in my improvised darkroom means a lot more set up and clean up time too so if I don't have at least 2-3 hours to devote to it, I don't bother. With color I just fill out the form, pop it all in the envelope, and drop by the Post Office kiosk next time I'm out.