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Andre Kertez, W. Gene Smith? I do not know for sure. I would think a photojournalist.

As for Grandma Moses compared to O'Keefe, they are both very different in their styles and subject matter. Moses' fame apparently seems to be more of an accident. Her fame was due to a chance finding by Louis J. Caldor, yet he recognized her talent. .
The author of that quote was Ansel Adams.

An interesting fact about Grandma Moses was the esteem she, herself, had in her own work. She couldn't understand what all the fuss was about ... and at her first show in a New York Gallery, she made sure that she brought some of her homemade jams and jellies ... so she would sell *something*.

I've been reflecting, here, on the idea that a *great deal* of effort and discipline is an absolute necessity to success in photography/art . An enterprising character once purchased the "wastebasket concession" from Pablo Picasso's landlord. At the end of the day, he would retrieve the contents - sketches, doodles ...whatever ... discarded by the Master, flatten them out, mat and mount them -- and sell them for *big* money. Picasso was shocked to see some of his throwaway work displayed ... and selling. I'd suggest there was not a great deal of disciplined, intense dedication by the artist going on here.

Then again ... Jackson Pollock. Look what happened when he slopped some paint on a canvas by mistake. He abandoned a great deal of rigid control ... and ... and...

I once once asked "*WHY* do you do photography" And, my answer - to my great surprise - agreed with what quite a few of the "big names" in the ARTS would respond--- "I do it, because I feel better doing it than I do when I am NOT doing it."

Photography is NOT, in my mind, a painful activity - I once *killed* myself trying so hard - and I found that my first great "breakthrouh" came as a result of "lightening up". Forcing, IMHO, a.k.a "overworking", does not help ... on the contrary, it hurts.

I'll confess to being obsessed - *gloriously* obsessed - with my particular choice in art - photgraphy. I'll work hard at it ... but "hard work" is not necessarily painful work.