I am looking for ideas to make a camera which sees 3d wireframe at a image object . Additionally this camera must act at bulb mode while moving the camera around a building and camera must see a curvilinear 3d shape and record a wireframe for that.

I am impressed by Gothic ornaments , Art Nouveau and Fantastic Paintings of Vienna ecole. My quest is to make it possible to create a wireframe with camera while scanning a edgey object in to curvilinear object with free movement and finally create an wireframe.

This wireframe will go in to modelling software , evolutionary structural optimization plug in will increase the quality and subdivision modelling will generate a 3d object , building , tower or ship.

Later catia will develop in to a engineering Project and generate a construction plan with all details.

Software is ready but camera is not.

How would it be ?

Mustafa Umut Sarac