Without knowing how it has come as an offer to you, whether thru a friend or a find, I would be remiss if I didn't take a more cautious tone. Overall there were two reasons I got rid of my Pro-S. One, it was a very bulky package and just didn't ft my shooting style and usual output, and 2, no metered prism. At least make sure your not getting yourself into a big CLA expense. If the kit is all that good someone could have sold it by piece on Ebay and made 3x the money or more, so I wonder how it came as an offer to you. Hopefully it is thru a friend who's retiring and wishes to bless you. At least check it all out first in hand. It's almost one of those too good to believe deals which can lead us down paths not necessarily based on logical thinking. Ones that I wish I had walked away from more then once. If you've been hankering for a MF camera tho it is very capable of great images. Just realize it's usually better on a solid tripod then as a (approx with lens) 6lb weight on a shoulder strap for a walkabout without taking anything else. In reference, the 4x5 kit I had would weight less then half what your offer is at and I was able to individualize the processing.