, I haven't seen that site before. "The Boss" has told me to sell these books rather than swap them for more, and that is the important guidance here. Well, there is an alternative. I could keep them and live in the back yard, possibly using the boxes as pillows or furniture. However here in lovely North Texas we have a large problem with West Nile Virus, so living outside in the summer is a lot like playing Russian Roulette with a loaded Howitzer. And if I'm fortunate enough to avoid the West Nile stuff, there are always the fire ants. Well, in case you haven't heard they may only be with us for a little while longer. It seems the fire ants are now being displaced by what are called crazy ants (which I think could simply be fire ants who have mated with or been genetically mutated with DNA from Lindsay Lohan). Just like Lindsay, they can not walk in a straight line, they don't sting but they are attracted to electrical things (like solenoids...they love those). Then when one ant unavoidably gets zapped, he squirts out this strong damage pheremone and all the other crazy bastards run over to attack whatever it was that killed him. Then they all get zapped and the process repeats until you have this large ball of dead ant carcasses that cause whatever electronic thing they happen to be in to no longer function or in some cases to short circuit.

Daniel Silva...yes, I know a bit about him, but I've not read any of his work. Right now I'm reading things that make me smile or preferably laugh out loud.