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I think every piece of information should be disclosed, regardless of the effect it may have on functionality. In the case of your lens, how do you know the buyer isn't interested in the aluminum fittings, for some reason? Being told that the lens functions perfectly is overlooking a potentially important aspect to the buyer. I would consider not mentioning it a lie of omission.
It's about being empathetic and compassionate. Even if you are not like everybody else, it's a good exercise to imagine how other people like to receive information.

If I received an item that is fully functional, but I wasn't told that it's in questionable cosmetic condition when it in fact is, I'd be upset, and I would be asking for a refund. I'd be doing so in a negative tone of voice, because I have to go from a high level of anticipation and excitement, to disappointment and the hassle of sending it back and start looking again.