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Thanks everyone,
I see some etched pinholes in my near future! But I will compare to laser and EXPERTLY filed holes.
Why,some may ask, do I wanna make sharp looking pinholes. At this time I make everything that is used producing my final image, EXCEPT the lense. I make all my emulsions and everything else that goes into, or is used producing, my final piece of work, EXCEPT the lens. Call me a narcisistc egomaniac if you so choose. But my goal is to make Everything that goes into my final images. I don't think that I could ever produce quality lenses. Since my final images are Pt/Pd/Au/Pigment based color separation work, I usualy strive for only one image per year. That is working everyday. High production ain't my bag.
Given all of this, you could try making some pinholes. You have more than enough patience. A needle, some emery paper and patience is all that it takes.