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Going back to the question of film, the Arista.EDU Ultra/Fomapan stuff is really more of an ortho/pan than a true panchromatic. It is very blue sensitive and somewhat deficient in red sensitivity. Don't think you'll be able to pull off that red filter sky look with it, or even get significant cloud/sky separation using a red filter.
Thanks for keeping the post on track. I agree that the Arista.EDU Ultra / Fomapan films have a tendency to produce skies that are somewhat featureless, due to their spectral sensitivity. Beautiful film for portraits, though.

Even though it might be a little surplus information at this point, Kodak TMax 400 has spectral response that acts like a built in filter to yield tones in bright blue skies, more so than other films I've tried. But it isn't hard to capture the sky if you wanted to with Tri-X or HP5+ either.