Just got word from the Birchwood that they are filled! I can't believe it is all just us, but pretty cool!

Another newsletter is going out soon. As usual I am still working on a loose schedule, but we all know it's not the schedule that brings everyone. We're going to have fun no matter what!

***Just to let everyone know, it has been crazy around here trying to get the building's exterior and my contract with the builder completed. We also have a workshop running there until Wednesday evening and will be doing work at the site right up until showtime on Saturday. Until then, all scheduled activity will be at the Birchwood and I'd very much appreciate if everyone would hold off on stopping by the property until the TBA starting time.

Also, on Saturday there will be no driving into the site, so all cars will have to be parked on the road. For this reason, I am hoping people will carpool from the hotel to the open house.

More details to come via the newsletter!