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Yeah it is a heavy camera buit that doesn't mean it can't be hand held.. I do it all the time for street n other shoots.

non metered is a problem???? REALLY???? Metered prisms are never reliable nort accurate.. get a hand held meter!

Yes if it is a shot camera.. I mean can't be fixed.. then walk away. But if a CLA is all she needs n probably does.. GO FOR IT!

Many of these old pro cameras have been abandoned so now that they are turning up in the hands of amature cheap skates.... a CLA is not a death sentence!

Old taxi cabes ran for 500,000 miles. why? they got regualr maintenance whether it needed or not.. same is true for these cameras.. they go on till someone kills em with neglect.

I'll take it if the CLA is the worst part of the deal.

Sure it can be hand held. So can a refrigerator. Doesn't mean I want to do it. Sure it's workable for a while but if you MAINLY shoot handheld I at least would be happier with a smaller, lighter camera.

Metered prisms are never accurate? Nonsense. The AE Prism for my Mamiya 645 is as accurate as any of those in my 35mm cameras. Unless you were talking specifically about the ones for the RB? I can't speak to that.

I agree that old mechanical cameras last a long time and the price of a CLA wouldn't be a deal breaker for such an otherwise great deal though.