I shoot about half color negative and half b/w. Spring and fall are times for color film to me so almost everything that time of year is color negative, mostly C-41 but I fool around with ECN-2 from time to time. This spring though, I did finish off a nearly full roll in the K-1000 that turned out to be TMAX 100 which was kind of interesting for spring subjects. All of it is processed in my basement.

I have been hell bent to print all the color myself and have the chems and paper but not the time for all the photography things I like to try to do. So I may scan some of it and send it out just to get it on paper. My daughter bought me a little Pandigital scanner last year at BBB which does a really respectable job for what it cost. All automated and the files are perfect to send off to Shutterfly or Wally-world.