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Acros is a beautiful film with superb (lack of) reciprocity failure characteristics, but I can get by just fine with FP4+ (since my beloved Plus-X and APX 100 are gone - yes I know you can get APX 100 in 35mm in Europe, but I shoot little 35mm black and white anyway, almost all 120 and 4x5.)

I've never shot Neopan 400. Between HP5+, Delta 400, Tri-X, TMY-2, and even XP 2 Super we have plenty of choices of 400 speed black and white films though I'm sure Neopan 400 is a great film.

But Provia 400X - we must save this film. The last remaining E6 film faster than 100, and a great film it is too. If you can live with the grain, it's almost an alternative to Astia/E100G in having somewhat subdued contrast compared to Provia 100. I like it a LOT.
I bought a pro pack of it recently with the announcement of it's demise, so I hope it's as good as you say, I'm still not sure what situations to use it in, but I want it to be used properly, so I'm waiting to find out, don't worry it's stored well and will be used well