This is a shame but I have to sell this camera, which I have had only about a month or so. I bought it on the Large Format Forum from Cesare Berti in April and got a great deal on it. I have had some work done on it and have added a few things, including a cammed lens from Indra in the Netherlands also bought on the Large Format forum. (I believe the camera and lens were also cross posted here on APUG.) This sale is a “break even” proposition for me so I’m not open to offers. I did not buy this camera in order to speculate on its value and I am not marking this kit up in any way. I may consider breaking it up if it doesn’t go but I'm in no rush. I just can’t keep this. Some things have changed at my wife’s place of work and we have to make some sacrifices. I’m resorting to my Cambo and will just deal with that. I also have a recently purchased KMV 8x10 that is getting new bellows installed. It will be posted sometime over the next few weeks as soon as I get it back from Cameraworks. (I was really hoping to keep that but it is not to be.)

I had also ordered a Maxwell screen for this Linhof which I have had to call and cancel : (

The attached photos are poached from Cesare’s and Indra’s postings, where these items came from.

This is a Technika V in great condition. It comes with everything that I got from Cesare – the anatomical grip and the viewfinder. The Rodenstock has been changed to a different board than the one Indra sent and I have added a 49mm B+W UV filter and a snap-in cap. (The original board and cap were sold when I got rid of my other 150mm upon receiving this one.) The original box for this lens included and it has the original rear cap. I changed boards because I find the Linhof “quicksocket” ports to be a pain. The socket gets in the way. I have never met anyone who has had a cable that attached to one of these, so I don’t see it as a big deal.

This camera has the original Linhof GG and the add-on Linhof fresnel. The fresnel is held on by the original clips that allow it to easily be removed for critical focusing. The pop-up hood is in like-new condition. This is a great camera to look through!

The Technika was sent to Cameraworks in Barrie, Ontario for a CLA and a few small repairs. There were two pieces of leather that had fallen off when I received the camera, and those were put back on. As well the felt in the light trap of the back was falling out. Cameraworks replaced the felt with a foam light seal that is guaranteed for 25 years. However the original felt pieces are included in the sale in a baggie in case the buyer wants to retrofit them. But I would leave the foam – it is a great upgrade. The bellows are in great shape and the rangefinder and ground glass agree with the cammed 150mm lens installed. The ground glass and the film plane also agree. This is a very agreeable camera!

I purchased a Lowepro zipper case that fits the viewfinder perfectly – this will be included. This is handy if you want to carry the viewfinder with you in your bag when you are scouting locations without your camera, to visualize the field of view through various focal lengths. This viewfinder also includes a clip-on mask for 6x7 format.

I am including a Pentax Spotmeter in original case. The meter is working fine and agrees more or less with my Sekonic L-608 spotmeter. I am also including two orphan cams – 210mm and 240mm. They fit physically but will not likely work with any lens unless you get them ground professionally. But if you later sell the cammed 150 you can pop one of these in the camera…it is a lot easier to close it up with a cam mounted. That way the cam receiver on the bottom doesn’t have to be pushed over manually. (Just don't forget to take the came out before you use the drop bed positions!) This sale also includes a 12mm recessed Linhof branded lens board with the quicksocket port.

Price is $2000 + shipping/pp. I am open to $1750 +/+ without the spotmeter, but am not looking to break it up any further at this point. Shipping TBD – I haven’t had the heart to box this stuff yet. It is located in Toronto so local buyers are welcome to pay cash if you prefer. I am happy to meet at a location that is mutually convenient.