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Hello to all,
I have not stuck my head into this Forum for a long time. My question is: For as close as is possible to a "Perfectly"round hole, I have read that acid etched holes are superior to laser holes. I am also in possesion of some holes that were micro-filed under magnification and are claimed to be superior to laser drilled holes. My goal here may be in conflict with some people's Philosophy. But I want to get the sharpest image that I can, using no lense.. I found a company website that claims superior holes via acid etching. The cost is high, but not discouragingly so.
Hi Bill,
I was wondering what kind of camera you use and what your focal length is? I recently got me some "perfect pinholes" normally used for elektron microscopes. If I have the right size for you, I'm willing to mail you one so you can experiment with it before buying an "expensive" pinhole? In return you can send me a nice print made with the pinhole.
Send me a PM with your address if interested.

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