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To talk me out of the following:

2x RB67 Pro S
50mm 4.5
90mm f3.8
180 f4.5
2x Polaroid backs
2x 220 and 120 backs
2x metered finders
2x WLF and a macro finder
30-50 refrigerator-kept rolls of 120 and 220 slide, BW and color

all for 450

I would be abandoning 35mm save for a compact Nikon prime, an EOS body and a Soviet rangefinder, and could probably pay for the entire thing by selling my Nikon kit which is all fast primes

...and go
Buy them now! You deserve them. You worked all you adult life to get things that other thought that they needed or wanted. Now is your turn to have what you want. When you take to $450 and divide it you the remaining days in your life, the cost is nothing.

The only thing that is important is that if you want it, will use in and enjoy it, then by all means you should have it.

I told my girlfriend about your situation and she said "What is he waiting for?"

If you wife disagrees, do not renew your contract with her. Just replace her with a newer model with lower mileage and less maintenance. You need to start enjoying the rest of your life!