Since so many APUG members have purchased my book I will comment on today's Kodak announcement.

Firstly, thank you for your orders and kind words after reading the book.

Secondly, Kodak has announced that they will stop making acetate support (cellulose triacetate, CTA) that is primarily used for still roll and motion camera films. After their existing stocks are consumed they plan on purchasing acetate for these films from other manufacturers.

I don't believe that this will cause any significant decrease in product quality or availability of Kodak photographic film. CTA is used for applications like flat screen TVs so other have learned how to make high quality CTA.

This announcement isn't surprising. As volume decreases the efficiency of support manufacturing decreases so it will be cost-effective for Kodak to purchase from someone else. However, it is another indication that volume continues to decrease.

The other film support, ESTAR, is used for sheet film and motion picture print (projection) film. ESTAR is PET (like Coke bottles) and is not affected by this announcement.