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Looking for a film camera for my wife which is purse'able, can be P&S'd, but has a good fast lens (no zoom) so that the flash is rarely needed for photos. Looking at Leica Minilux, Fuji Natura S, any other ideas?

I used a lot of the high quality P&S (Contax T2, Yahica T4, Leica Minilux, Olympus Epic) and they all have their quirks.

My vote is for the Minilux (fixed lens one) over the other ones. I sold mine last year, but probably will buy it again one one of these days. I currently use the old Voightlander and Kodak folders for pocketable film cameras. The Minilux is a bit pricey though; also it's not as pocketable as some of the other ones, though is no less pursable.

- Phong