So I got a brick of Lucky Color Super 200 (expiry Dec 2013) to play with. It arrived yesterday. I wanted to shoot a test chart with it, as there's no real data around, to see how it stacks up against people's anecdotes of how shit it is.

Well it turns out that EI 200 was way over exposed. The density is very high, but there is no base fogging on the film, the base is quite thin.

A scan of that 200.. the density range is so thin, I can see why it'd give terrible results exposing it like that.

The least exposed shot I had was at 1280 on this roll, and that is the best with the broadest density range, though still a bit on the over side, but vast improvement compared to 200, 400, etc.

Ftr, EI 1280 hit ~50 lp/mm from 4:1 to 80:1 contrasts, the next contrast step on my chart was 2.6:1 and it went to ~42 lp/mm. I do have 1.6:1 and less on the chart, but I couldn't see any difference on any part, and the chart goes to 14 lp/mm how I had it set up.

It's very weird, but it's certainly not out doing any other high speed colour film, as it's less detailed than other high speed films.

I'm going to shoot another roll on the street tonight at various speeds.

I've checked the processing, I've checked the meter several times, and the exposures I recorded. They all seem fine.

I even cut half the roll off and processed in different C-41 chemistry in a hand tank as opposed to machine process. I added 3g/L KBr to that, as I wanted to see if I get any kind of detail improvements by giving up a few stops of speed, which is one reason I got lucky in the first place - I figured it'd be easier for me to see differences.

I only had EI 200 - 25 on that half, but the 200 shot is certainly a fair bit thinner (But still too dense) than the 200 shot of the standard machine process one.

This is very strange, I'll play with it some more.