Hello folks,

now that I am awaiting the delivery of my first 8x10 camera (a Tachihara) it occured to me, that I might need a larger backpack. (All the other necessary "paraphernalia" I already have). I have been carrying my 5x7 sinar Norma in a Deuter Trail backpack, 38liter, the longer version, as I am quite tall (almost 2 meters, that's well over 6ft if I do the maths properly )
Anyway, I have looked at the photobackpacker's website, saw some very neat solutions as far as camera cases and lens cases goes.. However, it seems he is out of backpacks. But anyway, buing a fully equipped backpack from overseas would be nevertheless a bit prohibitive considering shipping charges and customs&taxes. So I was thinking about trying to find a suitable front-loading backpack here in the EU, and then to buy just the cases.

Has anyone any experiences with this? Would love to hear some ideas... Or even completely different solutions - that I could get "locally"...

Many thanks!