It probably depends on how cheap it is. The bessa r is a good camera, mechanical and only needs batteries for the meter, but feels a bit plasticy. If you intend on focusing your kit toward screw mount lenses, this camera would be a nice start. I think the most common problem I've seen people report is a misaligned rangefinder(adjustments can be reached from under the hotshoe without top plate removal). A better buy might be the r2 with m mount as you can get ltm adapters to utilize both m and ltm lenses. Also not all lenses may work on the bessa r line and ZM cameras with the double shutters because of the reduced depth behind the lens. My bessa r unfortunately has scrapes from a collapsable 50mm f3.5 lens, but no shutter damage (you can check carefully on bulb). One other thing, maybe it's just me, but the meter can go out of range depending on what iso/shutter speed you set and give you and underexposure warning, which is really annoying sometimes.