They are good cameras with the primary weakness being a rangefinder that often seems to be slightly out of calibration.

As Nick points out, the materials are only average. I think the build quality and materials improved with each model, except that Cosina never has been able to properly solve the rangefinder calibration issue.

The package seems to me to be a good deal, as long as the lens is in very good/excellent condition.

The only downside of the Bessa-R is that it's a screw-mount camera, so you can't use any M lenses.

However, it's an affordable way to jump into the rangefinder world.

Just check that the rangefinder shows proper alignment horizontally AND vertically.

I owned this model with a Color-Skopar 35mm for a number of years. I was very pleased with it. The rangefinder was off slightly (horizontally).