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My normal development times are between ten and fifteen minutes. I don't think the five seconds it takes to fill the tank is going to give me negatives with more density at the bottom.

My problem is I use XTOL and TMAX film a lot these days. Kodak recommends at most a 1:1 dilution so my times are never in the 15 minute range. XTOL straight up might be wonderful but I never tried it because I worried developing times would be too short. Anyway you point is well taken.

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I can see stressing over dev times when it's short like 5 minutes or less, some of the dev times can be about 4 minutes or you have to adjust the dilution (HC-110 & Ifsol 3 come to mind) and pouring in a 2 reel (120) tank takes me 22 seconds with a 3 reel (120) tank it takes 36 seconds which is significant in a 5 minute window, that said... I've honestly never had an issue with uneven development even at fast times.
Thank you. I was considering getting a 2 reel 120 tank and I was afraid of things like air bells and uneven development.

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On the commercial dip-n-dunk E6 and C41 machines I have used, the time between baths was 15 seconds. C41 with a developing time of 3'15" was always the hardest one as the film was usually in the first developer for 3'35" which is getting close to a stop push.
Good to know.

Thanks for the real world (no pun intended) examples. They are comforting.