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You say you're looking for feedback, but don't like when people tell you what they think? Uncool.

From the outside looking in, telling you honestly what it looks like to me, you are looking for justification to not disclose what you know has been done to the lens. And when somebody that doesn't agree with you dislikes the idea of not disclosing it, you don't want to hear it.

Why ask for feedback if you're so intent on arguing against the feedback? I do a fair bit of market research where I work, and when we find out what customers want and need, we have to listen to what they say and try to put our minds in the same place their minds are. We could go out and look for the answers we want to hear, but that usually doesn't work out very well in the end. It's better to seriously take the feedback, consider it from all aspects (their aspect, other customers' aspect, competitors' aspect, as well as our own aspect). All I'm saying is that if you ask for feedback you have to be prepared to listen and seriously consider the feedback from those you ask.