I think the only thing we can rest assured that Kodak will continue doing is selling low-quality consumer inkjet printers. I'm sure Steinway has also lost market share to digital, but they haven't lost their identity and cut the throats of the artists that built their careers on their products. At least they realize that in the end, no matter how many Steinway-branded units they sell, nobody will buy tickets to hear a concert pianist play a Casio keyboard from Walmart and they will never sell as many keyboards as Casio. If you asked me 20 years ago what Hewlett-Packard makes, the answer would have been "the best high-tech electronic equipment in the world." Thanks to people like Carly Fiorina, the answer is "junk computers and printers." Kodak has decided to follow that business model. What surprises me is how I know this and others know this, yet we keep feeding the monster until it discontinues its appetite for our money. I didn't make the choice to go Ilford - some MBA yuppie in Rochester made it for me.