Le Carre is very good. John D. MacDonald wrote a series based around a central character named Travis McGee. I think you should read some of them. Well, that's not really true. I think you should read every one of them. The titles always have a color in them..."A Tan and Sandy Silence", "Free Fall in Crimson", "The Lonely Silver Rain" are three that come to mind. McGee is an easy guy to identify with and I think that helps make the books appealing. He's not exactly a detective, and he's not connected with the police force. He lives on a boat and describes himself as a salvage consultant. When he's got enough money he retires. When he needs money, he takes on work. MacDonald also wrote non-series books including one which stands apart from any of his other work: "The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything." This is easily one of the 10 most fun books I've ever read. Over the past 30 years, I've probably loaned over 20 copies of it to friends so they could read it and only one of those has ever been returned to me. A guy in New Orleans sent it back.