Agreed that there's no holy grail, but it's nice to be able to discuss things like developers when Ihave had hands on experience with it and not merely parrot something so,ebody else wrote. I like to tinker so I can rule things out and be able to give real info about my results. As an example, I use a nice Gitzo carbon tripod with an Arca Cube and it's a spectacular setup yet I get flamed by people about using an expensive combination. The flamers have mostly never even seen it, let alone used it. The same thing happens with developer talk. I get flamed for the Germain because everybody says he was sort of a quack and I should use Edwal 12..but...I've developed several thousand sheets in Germain's Finegrain and it's still my favorite for all films..Thanks for the input, I'm just going to dispense with the sulfuric and adjust the pH at the end. Won't be the first liter of developer I have thrown away or I might like it!! EC