Making Film Now and Into the Future – The Manufacture of Kodak Motion Picture Products

Like any business, Kodak is always looking at ways to drive operational efficiencies while maintaining product quality. And, as its traditional businesses evolve, Kodak will continue to adapt its manufacturing, distribution and support infrastructure in order to supply our customers with the products and services they have come to expect from the Kodak brand, the world’s leading producer of premier quality film for the industry.

This entails anything from shifting component supply strategies to adjusting machine loads and staffing levels.

Similarly to other components within the manufacturing process, we have chosen to look at alternative sources of acetate supply for the future – while at the same time building a significant inventory buffer of this component. We have built years’ worth of acetate base. That inventory, in combination with our ability to alternatively source acetate when we need additional capacity, makes us confident that Kodak will continue to meet customer demand for the foreseeable future.

Please know that everything we do is an effort to create sustainable models for Kodak’s silver halide products. Kodak’s motion picture film business is part of the company’s Emergence Plan, and it continues to be the largest driver of film manufacturing volume for Kodak into the future.

Kodak remains committed to participating in the film marketplace – while at the same time taking the necessary steps to ensure a viable supply of product. We are aware that there are more choices than ever today, but for those filmmakers who want to create their images on film, Kodak will supply it.