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maybe it is a reversed tessar because light travels through the lens
opposite with a camera than when projected ?

looks like a fun objectif

Hi John,

Your question is an interesting one, and maybe any optics pundits around can answer it ?
As the Tessar is not a symmetrical design, should it be reversed if the lens is used as a projection lens ? Logicaly I would think the answer is yes, but is this sure ?

@Whiteymorange, thanks for your reply.

I discovered recently the antiquecamera.net website, it's a goldmine !
The design of my lens looks like a little the Dallmeyer portrait lens, as described on the petzvallens page. However i am inclining too for a mistakenly remounted Petzval. The fact that this lens was very clean for its age when I found it is aiming me this way.

A check procedure will be to mount it on a camera and see what I get on the groundglass, but I haven't the appropriate lens board for now.

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