Big Update from me. First for this round and for that I apologise. So much going on around me, I find it hard to sit down at a PC when I am at home. Have grabed a half hour or so this morning so here is my comments on all the cards I have rec'd this round.

22 from 30

Jim17x - A couple of ducks
anikin - Honest Officer. I too have seen things like this in rural areas of Australia. Where I grew up it was not uncommon for the freshly laid tarmac to be ripped up for the sewarge and stormwater drains to be laid. It was insane, but that was what would happen.
mooseontheloose - Wat Remains. Such a dreamy look to the image.
piu58 - Old Inn in Döbite
warejn - Utah.
BoxBrownie - Down by the Jetty. With this card the viewer feels as if they were there.
drpsilver - Cairn, Macugnaga, Italy.
rince - Fleeting moment
hankins27 - Old Church
Ozphoto - Drew. Framed well for the portrait shot.
trsvax - Rock'n in Austin. Great play on words.
kraker - Bustling or Empty. Like this old paper. Like the framing of the image.
MattKing - At the end of the Dock. A card that has drawn all of the attention of guests to my home.
Jimo - Tampa Bay. Great greys and shapes in the clouds. I would have liked a little more contrast.
Delphine - Rainy Day. What a great idea to make a stand up post card. The first time I have seen this done.
George Nova Scotia - Victoria Park. Looks like this scene was created as it is so perfect.
mjs - Man with his horse.
bluejeh - Through the Window. I liked the distorted view inside the room.
bluejeh2 - Angel at Westminster Abbey Mission.
has1guitar - Welcome Home.
? #1 - Streamside detail 4. If the goal was to get the image to glow like the images in the galleries, then in my opinion you have.
? #2 - Breakfast. I like the angle from which the image has been recorded.

Thanks to everyone for some great pictures. Glad I signed up for the next round as I can't wait for the pictures to start coming in. Sorry for not taking the time to try an identify the two without names, just no time to go back through the postings.